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Lily's Kitchen Power Flower Treats for Dogs (150g)

£ 4.50 each


Every day, give your dog an antioxidant boost by harnessing the petal power in these amazing treats...

These flower treats are packed with yummy phytonutrients, Essential Fatty Acids and antioxidants for overall health. Included are Liver and Organic Blackstrap Molasses which provide a wonderful range of vitamins and minerals, as well as Alfalfa and Turmeric for their unique range of micronutrients to help with the long term health and vitality of your dog.

These days dogs can be exposed to environmental pollutants and harmful chemicals, such as air pollution and pesticides. This means maintaining a strong immune system is really important to fight off disease…..which is why Lily's Kitchen decided to call these treats 'Power Flowers' – to help power up your dog's immune system and keep your dog in tip top health!

100% natural with no preservatives, colours or artificial ingredients.


Organic light rye flour, organic oats, liver (10%), organic sunflower oil, nutritional yeast, organic blackstrap molasses (4%), organic carrots (4%), organic sunflower seeds, organic turmeric, organic alfalfa, organic nettles, organic rosehips. 85% of the ingredients are produced in accordance with the rules of organic production.

Nutritional Analysis:

Protein: 15%, Oil: 9%, Ash: 3.5%, Fibre: 6%.

Suitable for adult dogs and puppies. Complementary pet food. Suggested feeding amount  - ideally two flowers a day, maximum eight a day.

Made in the UK.

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